The Various Types of Bottle Opener

Published: 01st April 2010
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Bottle openers can be found in two primary types, those designed to lift off bottle lids from soda pop, beer, or standard water bottles, and the ones designed to take out corks from wine bottles. Both are known as bottle openers, nonetheless they differ drastically.

Cap bottle openers are available in a wide range of aesthetic variations, some with a unique and engaging look and feel. Basically, however, they're in essence all similar. Automatic bottle openers happen to be an exception to this fact. Even though these are very much like classic openers, they are situated in a circular plastic tubing and also fashioned so the tube may be simply installed over the bottle then lifted. Automated bottle openers are almost always regarded as being perfect for whenever one is a touch too drunk to comfortably utilize a ordinary bottle opener.

An average bottle opener is simply a lever that will wedge under the edge of a bottlecap and pry it off the bottle. The majority of eating places and bars have a variation of this kind of basic bottle opener attached to a wall, so that a bottle can be inserted under the opener and pried so that you can get rid off the cap. Hand-held bottle openers are functionally just like the wall-mounted varieties, but are gripped in your hand and levered whilst the bottle is held stationary.

In the realm associated with wine there's two key models of bottle opener. The first is a corkscrew, that utilizes one screw inserted within the cork and consequently rotated all the way down until finally it has a sufficient amount of grip to allow for the particular cork to be pulled from the bottle. A variant on this form of corkscrew consists of side levers which keep the bottle of wine steady as well as an extra lever to allow for a straighter pull.

The other popular type of bottle opener intended for wine bottles comprises a pair of rigid prongs. Rather then piercing the cork to pull it out, the prongs will be wedged between either side of the cork as well as the bottle edge. This style of corkscrew takes some getting used to, and therefore for some it may well take weeks to manage to utilize it with success.

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